Free Adoption & Search Registry

Canadian Adoptees Registry Inc. (CARI) is a free service provided by a small group of dedicated volunteers. Our mission is to provide help and assistance to adult adoptees and birth families that are seeking to learn more about, and perhaps make contact with, each other.

We maintain two extensive databases – one of Birth Relatives so that Adoptees can search for them, and one of Adoptees so that Birth Relatives can see who is registered. Registration in our database does not initiate a search on your behalf, but it does help to ensure that you can be found should anyone be looking for you. On the left, you will find many additional search suggestions, tools and resources to assist you in further searching for your birth relatives.

Adoption reunion can be a very sensitive area for many people and we encourage all our registrants to set realistic goals and use appropriate discretion and respect for all parties involved.

>> Please take a few minutes to review our suggestions BEFORE contacting birth relatives.

We’re here to help but the first step to achieving your reunion goal is to Register. There is no cost involved, although donations are always gratefully accepted.

This website is dedicated to the memory of our Founder, Alice Muriel (Scotchburn) MacDonald.